Religious Origins of the Middle East Crisis

(Just so you know, this page tells you about both the Religious Origins book and the presentation, which is based on the book. Oh, one more thing, the booklet advertised in the video below has now been replaced by the book.)

Religious Origins of the Middle East crisis looks at how discipleship, or lack thereof, relates to creating problems for us and our descendants. Looks at historical and biblical beginnings of the crisis. Great glossary of terms related to middle east.


the book

The Religious Origins of the Middle East Crisis book is specifically designed to be a simple resource to educate Christians on what is going on in the Middle East and why. It talks to how the world got into the chaos that currently is confronting us in the Middle East. Looking for a readable book that will identify "key players" and answer your questions? This is it! 


The first chapter of this publication carefully reflects the Keys current version of the Religious Origins presentation (we'll talk about that in a bit). It remains a valuable guide regarding key events starting with Abraham (c. 2000 B.C.) and moving to the present day. 


The second and third chapters are packed with reference material to help the reader to understand the identity, belief system, and "vision" of the various faiths as the crisis swirls like a whirlpool drawing other nations into the descending vortex. These chapters include some of the questions and insights that have surfaced during the Q & A sessions that often follow the presentations (again, we'll tell you about the presentation below). The questions reflect the confusion that is in the minds of a large number of people about what this conflict is really all about and why no easy solutions are available. 


While the book is certainly from a Christian perspective and includes some very interesting facts from Christian history, it is honest and fair in presenting facts about each of the other major religions arising from the Middle East. The book is "politically correct" in that it does not "bash" any faith, but again, it is forthright in presenting the bedrock issues that will keep the Middle East in the cross hairs of world attention for years to come. This is a handy reference book for those seeking to understand, "What is going on over there?


the presentation

The presentation not only looks at the Middle East crisis in a very dynamic way, but also in terms of the spiritual war in which we are all born. As Christians, the presentation challenges us to see world events in terms of trials and lessons that God is using to try to reach us, grow us and change us! The presentation puts into perspective some significant aspects of the heritage not only of Christian believers, but of peoples of other religions in the mid-east.


You get two valuable lessons in one presentation:

  1. A vivid understanding of how the mid-east problems developed from Bible times up to today!
  2. An understanding of how it is that crisis itself can find its way into spiritual battles of our own lives!


Here's a teaser for what the presentation looks at:

  1. Who are the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sunni, Shia, and Druze?
  2. How did these different groups come to exist?
  3. What do they believe; what are the differences in what they believe?
  4. Why can't these groups get along?
  5. Why is the Middle East crisis so difficult to resolve?
  6. Is there really a solution to the Middle East crisis?
  7. Other than affecting gas prices and involving the men and women of our Armed Forces, how does the conflict relate to me and my life? And more...
The flags of the middle east show the many religious faiths involved in the conflict there. The Religious Origins book looks at each of these, in easy to understand terms.


Religious Origins of the Middle East Crisis has been presented in homes for small groups of about 10 or so, and it has also been presented to groups numbering 200-300 persons. If you want to schedule us for a presentation, we can tie this presentation into other of your activities, fund-raising and outreach, and we'll partner with you to help you accomplish your goals. If your group, church or organization is interested in having us come and make this presentation, Contact us.



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