Living The Keys Discipleship Mission

With "discipleship beyond the basics" in mind (see previous page), here's some of how the Lord has used us to live the Keys discipleship mission... to help believers grow closer to the Lord:

  • offering this really cool educational and resource-filled website for you!,
  • offering studies (books you can buy) and other materials (free stuff) about discernment, the spiritual aspects of trials, and the Bible's 7 Spiritual Principles of hearing God's guidance with the heart,
  • conducting Biblically-based, individual and small group training on how to let the Lord live through us during life's tough stuff (trials),
  • training trainers in discipleship beyond the basics,
  • and of course, seeking the Spirit's guidance on how to keep our fleshly selves (old selves) out of the way so the Lord lives through us too - truth is it isn't always easy, but He is worth it!!


Keys to understanding life fulfills it's discipleship mission by seeking to magnify what the Bible talks about, and showing how discipleship is practical.

What God has done for us:

  • He saved our lives (literally) by opening our eyes to the realities of having a really wonderful relationship with Him, whether things in life are pleasant, or not so pleasant!
  • He uses us to serve Him by assisting others in hearing His voice with their hearts.
  • He sent His Son to die for us - and you too!
  • OK, this list of what He's done could go on forever - you know what we mean! Thank you Lord!


A bit more of what God has been doing through us (in case you are interested):

  • over 2000 hours of individual and small group training on discipleship beyond the basics (which translates into assisting believers in discerning God's guidance in over 900 of their trials)
  • a whole bunch of other stuff you can check out on this website


A couple things God DOESN'T want us at Keys to do (again, in case you are interested):

  • we don't tell believers what we think God is saying to them - we aren't His interpreters
  • we don't tell believers what God wants them to do (the whole point of teaching "discipleship beyond the basics" is to help them open their hearts to discerning that from the Spirit themselves!)
  • we don't deny a believer training based on their inability to pay something for it
  • we don't cheat on our taxes
  • we don't quit


You guys are awesome! I want to take some action with you - what can I do?


Oh, that's nice - so, what are God's "Keys?"