Darcey and the Grasshopper


A true, inspirational story of two friends and their journey to finding God and learning how to love.

This is a fun and light read for young adults and up. You'll enjoy the little nuggets packed away inside this totally true journey between friends. It is amazing how God brought it all together in the end!

This little book is a gem! A true, inspirational story of friendship, hope, learning to love... and finding God. If you are looking for something that'll pull you in - this'll do it for you. In many ways it is unbelievable, but it really is true.

You know, there are lots of times in life when things look or feel a bit bleak, but I hope this story renews your hope in the Lord. God does amazing things all the time - we just gotta pay attention... and have faith.

Awesome book! Show me the next title available from Keys...!