Experiencing The Peace Of Christ In Life's Difficulties

  Discipleship training   for small groups. Finding peace during trials.

Feelings 102: bible studies

for living god's written word, Volume 1, 3rd edition

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This is a really fun yet impactful Bible Study! This discipleship tool offers fresh Bible Study lessons for individuals and small groups of 3-10 persons (ages 18 and up). The Bible Study lessons focus on studying and learning from trials found in the Bible, in order to prepare us for our own trials! This awesome study brings to life verses like...

But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.
— James 1:22 NASB
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.
— Colossians 3:15 NASB

The Bible records many stories of trials that people experienced since the beginning of time. A unique feature of those stories is that they can help us gain a greater understanding of what to expect in our of trials, and how to let the Lord live through us during our trials! (This is why part of the book's title is "LIVING God's Written Word.") 

Think of any person that you are really close to - someone you’ve known well for a long time, like a best friend, a parent or maybe a spouse. Chances are that when some issue arises, you have a pretty good idea how they’ll view that issue. You also have a good idea of the kinds of the things they will want to speak to!

When we experience trials, the Lord has a number of things He and His Holy Spirit seek to communicate to us. He seeks to caution us, to alert us to dangers, to comfort us, and He has steps of faith He asks us to take.

These Bible Study lessons will help you gain a really good understanding of the kinds of things God wants to share with you when your trials come up. These lessons will help you open your heart so you are more sensitive to what He will have to say to you, just like the close loved one that He is!
— excerpt from Feelings 102, 3rd Edition


This revised and improved 3rd edition includes:

  • An Overview of the Biblical basics of trials.
  • "How To" chapter
  • Book doubles as a workbook - there's space to write in it, so no extra cost for a workbook
  • Short audios (that go with each lesson) are free (see link at bottom of this page) - you can listen from the website or download to your device
  • Explains key words from the Greek and Hebrew languages (where they are encountered)
  • Lots of good discussion questions are integrated into the lessons.

All AUDIO and Tips for Facilitators for previous editions will continue to remain on the website.

Awesome! I like this one 'cause my friends and I can grow together w/ Christ...

but show me a quick read - how about the book on what's happening in the Middle East...

...keep in mind...

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