Religious origins presentation feedback


What an eye opener! The Religious Origins presentation by William Clark Sr. and Bill Clark Jr. was one of the best discussions we have had at this church in years. I was delighted to hear our people ask very insightful and informed questions after the presentation. As a Pastor I was delighted to see how knowledgeable of biblical history our members were demonstrating. The Clark team keeps your attention with their tag team approach of the presentation. You will not be bored because it is a well thought out and presented in a clear way. A follow up could easily be welcomed. I wish they had more time.

- Pastor Marshall Moore, Crestview Baptist Church, San Antonio.

You were professional in both the presentation and in the material you brought which immediately grabbed our attention. You spoke respectfully of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike showing us that we all claim a common heritage in Abraham. I have never been a part of an interactive presentation on this scale and my suspicion is that neither had anyone in our congregation. We had children as young as 12 years of age all the way up through our seniors and everyone learned something valuable. It was fun and enjoyable as well as being very informative.

- Pastor Nigil Unrau, Martindale Baptist Church


Our church was so blessed to have The Religious Origins of the Middle East. This is a fascinating interactive presentation. We all left with a deeper understanding and inspired to learn more. Recommend this program to your Pastor... you won't be will be blessed.

- Reverend Kimberly Burke, North Shore United Methodist Church

A unique experience. [The presentation] provides important insights about an area of the world that is often misunderstood--and does it in an entertaining way.

- Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, Dallas Theological Seminary

Presentation was explained with knowledge and enthusiasm. It was fun and enjoyable. I was impressed. The audience was engaged. This added interest in the participation of the presentation. Great!!!

- J.M. from Texas

On behalf of St. Paul's Community I would like to thank you. The reaction of those attending [the presentation] was similar to that of our pastoral staff when we first participated - experiential, timely, sensitive and awareness building.

- Father Darilek, St. Paul's Catholic Church

Was so informative. I learned a lot.

- Lois from New Braunfels

I don't know that we have ever sponsored any seminar that has drawn so many positive remarks as [Religious Origins of the Middle East Crisis]! Provided an exciting experience for all of us.

- Rev. Baugh, San Antonio Community of Churches

Most informative and presented in a non-threatening way. The message re: Middle East Crisis is so much clearer.

- anonymous

It was just as exciting and helpful as the first time, and I have received numerous comments of appreciation from our members.

- Pastor Frank Seaman, Northwood Presbyterian Church

Enjoyed it very much!

- Tori from Texas

Wonderful approach! Provided great insight into the history of the Middle East in a clear, concise manner.

- Jack from Texas

To say that [the presentation] was well received would be a serious understatement. It was enthusiastically received.

- Sister Ann Petrus, Congregation of Divine Providence

Great presentation. Very informative; very interactive. Keep it up!

- Lee from Texas

Very informative. Great insight and interactive presentation!

- D. from Texas

Very enlightening! Very well put together. Enjoyed the interactivity!

- Jimmie

Your presentation of the religious dimensions of Operation Desert Storm was very informative, and enlightening for all. I have received several favorable comments... stating they came away from your presentation on the middle east much better informed about the dynamics of the political climate.

- Chaplain, Brigadier General Shea

Very interesting and informative. Didn't want it to end!

- Bonnie from Texas

Impressive setup, map, visual overhead! Quite effective in accomplishing interaction of people! Informative and fun. Meaningful ending re: personal introspection.

- N. from Texas