When we hear the news and look around the world today, it is clear that we need strong believers - capable of having certainty about how god would have them respond to any trial they face.


Followers of Christ need to have that distinct characteristic we see in New Testament believers - an unwavering sense of peace in tough times when most people would be distraught, worried, lost or living in pain.


You can make a difference!


Help us as we support believers in growing closer to Christ through discipleship beyond the basics.


(js, Keys never denies training due to financial issues.)


Do something - take action!

Pray for those in discipleship training.


Whether you can give at this time or not, please pray for those in Keys discipleship training! 

Giving to Keys helps train believers in how to discern God's voice, guidance and love. It helps support discipleship training.


Your donation helps us with all the things involved in preparing training and actually training believers. $2 - some good coffee; $10 - paper and pens; $40 - printer cartridge; $100 - gives 7 books to believers in need; $300 - 20 hours of training for a believer.

Look at Keys discipleship training studies and materials - they are life changing. They will help you discern God's guidance for yourself.


Look at the discipleship studies we offer for yourself! If you know someone who could use the training, talk to them. Requests for personal training must be made by the person who would take the training.